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The surrealistic photographers had  other limitations and challenges than the painters at the time. Some of the more known (photo)Surreralists were the photographer Man Ray ,  Lee Miller - Man Ray’s inspiration, lover and assistent,  Dora Maar - classmate of Henri Cartier-Bresson and eventually Pablo Picasso’s lover,  Maurice Tabard - that photographed for Harper’s Bazaar og  Vogue in the  1920's and later became Ray's assistent . In the ’30 Tabard made  double-exposures and strange many-layered pieces blending fantasy, reality, beaty and distortion - not totally unlike what is created today (although the techniques are different).


René Magritte is known for his thought-provoking paintings, but he was also an active photographer. His photos were never exhibited while he was alive but  Magritte experimented with pictures and compositions that he later recreated in his well known paintings.

(Based on an article from artsy.net on Surrealism and photography)


My own little surrealistic world is a modest tribute to these masters.

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